Air Optix Colors (6 Pack)
Air Optix Colors (6 Pack)


Air Optix Colors (6 Pack)

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After completing your order please click this link to email us a copy of your prescription if you are ordering it in prescription .

Change your eye colour with Air Optix Colour which is available in non-prescription and prescription lenses. VIRTUAL TRY ON

6 month supply = 2 Boxes

1 year supply      = 4 Boxes

This is a monthly lens which means once open it is good for 30days. Please follow proper cleaning and storage of your contacts to avoid any infections and eye complications.

Air Optix Color contact lenses use 3-in-1 color technology to provide a stunning, natural new line of both subtle and vibrant colors - without compromising the high level comfort that the Air Optix line is known for.

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